Customer Loyalty

Give your customers another great reason to come back again and again.

A Flexible Customer Loyalty Program

  • Points are paid per dollar spent.
  • Control items offered as a reward.
  • Incentive to invite friends and family.

Maintaining customer loyalty is an important aspect of running your restaurant. Consumers have a lot of choices these days, and you can stay among the top of their choices by using our exclusive online rewards program.

How Customers Earn Points

When customers sign up and activate their account, they receive a 'signup bonus' which is a small number of points to get started (you decide how many.) They can use the points right away, or save them for later.

Earn More Points

  • By placing an order.
  • By inviting friends.
  • By liking your Facebook page.

Your customers can earn more rewards points in three ways: by placing an order, by inviting friends, or by liking your Facebook page. When your customers order, they earn points based on how much they spend on food items (not including tax or delivery charge.)

It's as simple as that.

Customer Generated Invitations


Your customers can send invitations to friends and family. If that person accepts the invitation and signs up for a new account, they become linked.

The linked account shares a small percentage of points they earn with the person who sent the invitation.

It's kind of like a pyramid scheme you might see on late night TV, except this actually works.

Spending Rewards Points

Your customers favorite part of the whole process - spending those hard earned points.

When customers log in to their account, they are presented with a list of available rewards, and the number of points they currently have. Clicking on one of these rewards coupons adds the item to their cart.

Coupon Builder

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