Email Marketing

Increase repeat orders and improve customer relations with email marketing tools.

Increase Repeat Business With Automatic Emails

Showing You the Money

Drive orders to your site by automatically sending targeted emails to customers who haven't ordered in a while.  Some of our current customers are making over $700 dollars a month just by using this feature!  

Use our admin tool to display how many customers you convert each week. It's easy to see how much extra money this feature is making you on its own!

Broadcast Your Brand With Effective Tools


There are a lot of great newsletter type email services on the market today. The problem is that somebody has to be responsible for generating the content for customers to see.

Our goal has been to create a largely hands-off system that works while you sleep.

Saying 'Thank You' to Your Customers

Saying Thank You

One of the ways our system maintains customer relations is simply by saying thank you. A few days after your customer places an order, an automatic procedure kicks in to send a thank you message. If you're participating in our customer loyalty program, the email will contain a list of available rewards and current rewards points.

This step is important and often overlooked. Our system takes care of it automatically so you can look good and impress your customers without even trying.

Automatic Activation and Referral Messages

These are automatic and easy with no effort required on your part.

Saying Thank You

When users enter their email address to sign up for an account, they receive an activation message. If you're participating in our customer loyalty program, they will see how many points they get for signing up along with a list of available rewards.

Referral messages are generated when an existing user chooses to invite a friend to your restaurant. An email is automatically sent out to the new customer, with some incentives for signing up. If the invitation is accepted, the accounts become linked and everyone is happy!

Effortless Install

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